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Sketchbook Project 2013

Sketchbook Project 2013

So, I started a new sketchbook for the Sketchbook Project 2013 tour, finishing two spreads in the process. I’ll keep this blog updated when and where I get more drawings done.

Avocado Screen Print

Avocado - My Printing Stencils

This freshly finished screen print is the second in a series of three and I’ve called it ‘Avocado’. The first can be seen here. The pattern was line drawn on cartridge paper and scanned digitally. I then repeated the pattern in photoshop and added the two layers of colour. I then printed the three layers […]

Sketchbook Project 2012

Sketchbook Project 2012

I took part in the Sketchbook Project last year and had so much fun with it I decided to take part again this year. Because I’ve been focusing so much of my spare time on printmaking this year, I thought it would be cool to focus on the subject in this years book, using it […]

Delight Screen Print

Delight - First colour printed

I finished a new print in the studio yesterday. This is the first in a series of three and I’ve called it ‘Delight’ in reference to my favourite chocolate, Turkish Delight, because  Permanent  Rose (the dominant colour) always reminds me of them. The pattern was line drawn on cartridge paper and scanned digitally. I then […]

Gandolfi Art Exhibition

26 Jan 2012 / 0 Comments / in Arts and Crafts, Printmaking

I’m thrilled to have been offered an art show in Bar Gandolfi in Glasgow later this year as part of their exhibition programme, which launched in 2010. I will be exhibiting alongside musician and artist Manda Rin (the girl fom bis).  The opening is Sunday 9 December and the show runs till the 14th January 2013 […]

Himalayan Blue Poppy

Himalayan Blue Poppy
15 Oct 2011 / 1 Comment / in Photography

I bought three young Himalayan Blue Poppy plants in the spring and though they wouldn’t mature till next spring. But wouldn’t you know, one of them flowered today – it’s nearly winter as well. They aren’t as blue as I’d hoped but perhaps that comes with age…here’s hoping anyway.

Badger Boy – Work in progress

Badger Boy #1
12 Oct 2011 / 1 Comment / in Arts and Crafts, Illustration

Hello, I started designing up a Munnyworld vinyl model a few weeks back and thought I’d share my progress here. If you don’t know what Munnyworld is, then I’ll explain. They’re  vinyl toys made by Kid Robot. You buy them blank and design them up how you see fit using whatever you see fit. They’re […]

Break Dancer Heed #3

Break Dancer Heed Macro Shot
30 Sep 2011 / 0 Comments / in Illustration, Printmaking

Hello, here is my latest Glasgow Print Studio job. It’s a five colour screen print and it’s printed on Fabriano 50% Cotton Paper.

Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher

Your love is lifting me higher
16 Sep 2011 / 0 Comments / in Graphic Design, Printmaking

I printed these for a friend a few weeks back. If nothing else I discovered that Fabriano’s 50% cotton paper is truly wonderful to print on.

Muay Thai T-Shirts

15 Sep 2011 / 0 Comments / in Graphic Design, Printmaking

I’ve been printing the first big run of T-Shirts on my home setup this week…